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Nov 13, 2020

Have you learned to stop worrying and love the video conferencing technology? No? Come this way. In this second special masterclass edition Viv Groskop answers listener questions about owning the room remotely. From ring lights and hairstyles and cracked iPads to the conundrum of sightlines and the importance of listening not looking. If you're battle-scarred by months of 4 hour Zoom meetings - or if you're a newbie coming back from furlough to a terrifying new landscape of remote work, Viv can help.

Do check out the first Zoom Masterclass, series 7 episode 4.

Viv's books, including How to Own the Room, are out now.

And you can subscribe now to Viv's new podcast, We Can Rebuild Her; a series of intimate conversations about reinventing yourself in the age of pandemic.